Archives: Brian Goble's Monolith Page!

Monolith started out as a large quantity of creativity, talent, and energy. The six of us (the "founding members") had enough "great" ideas to fill a dozen CD-ROMs. I'm not talking about ordinary great ideas either--I'm talking about the really good, great ideas.

It was almost weird how Monolith evolved. Everything was such an unknown back then. At first, we didn't even know what we were actually making. Even so, we kept progressing very fast...towards something. Things started to take shape even though we weren't trying to shape anything specifically. There was so much creative energy at work--it was a truly incredible experience.

Once we realized what was happening...what we were creating...what Monolith was becoming, the environment became even more charged. We were unstoppable at that point. Monolith had become (to us) an entity that we were all part of. Everybody knew, without it ever being discussed, that all of our futures were tied to Monolith.

As our vision was approaching reality, the excitement level broke the scale. Our "top secret" project was nearing completion and I could hardly wait, to say the least. I'm not sure if I was more eager to show it to the world our to just see it for myself. Those final three "golden" weeks were trying times. I was so relieved to see success.

It is still the most amazing work that I feel I have ever been a part of. What an more ways than one.

To the outside world, Monolith is still a small startup company that is growing steadily while trying to make its way to the top. But to me, Monolith is huge. I sometimes can't believe how "big" we are now; but I guess it all makes sense. It still blows my mind when I think back to when we were just a handful of fellas with a bunch of great ideas.